Valeo® II LL

Interbody Fusion Devices

An Additional Lumbar Solution

The Valeo® II LL Interbody Fusion Device is made of Amedica’s proprietary medical grade silicon nitride ceramic – an ideal biomaterial for fusion.

Each device is inspected to ensure the highest quality and is shipped sterilized & individually packaged, accompanied by a comprehensive, streamlined instrumentation set designed for ease of use.


  • Made of silicon nitride ceramic
  • Offered in multiple footprints and heights to accommodate a wide range of patient anatomies
  • Aggressive teeth for expulsion resistance
  • Knurls for added stability of vertebral body cortical rim
  • Threaded insertion feature for precise implant control
  • Two central cavities maximized for optimal bone graft packing
  • Tapered nose for ease of insertion
Valeo® II LL

Product Specifications

  • Footprints: 18x40mm, 18x45mm, 18x50mm, 18x55mm, 18x60mm
  • Heights: 8-16mm, in 2 mm increments
  • Lordosis: 0˚ and 6˚

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