Pedicle Screw Systems

Where strength connects with intra-operative flexibility

The Taurus Pedicle Screw System is a modular degenerative system that increases intra-operative flexibility. The modular screw can be attached in-situ allowing for screw to screw distraction that improves disc space visualization. The modular head pull off strength rivals that of top loading screws, but can easily be assembled prior to insertion if desired. The new dual-lead screw nearly maintains the Tercet® triple-lead insertion speed, while it improves the screw pullout strength. Additionally the tension headbody holds its position at any angle, and the patented helical flange design eliminates head splay and cross threading. These and other key features provide powerful benefits to both patients and surgeons.


  • Taurus Pedicle Screw System’s modularity provides intra-operative flexibility
  • Tension head body holds its position at any angle
  • Cannulated screw allows for guided screw placement
  • Helical flange technology eliminates cross threading and head splay

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