Sharing Our Expertise

Sharing Our Expertise

Let our leading R&D and manufacturing teams convert your existing medical devices into silicon nitride. Our unique biomaterial is ideal for a wide variety of medical applications including spine, dental, hip, knee, extremities, etc.

Private label opportunities

Private label partnerships allow companies to leverage our advanced biomaterial and validated designs with their existing proven brand. This strategy provides significant market differentiation and accelerated market access.

OEM opportunities

Our unrivaled in-house manufacturing capabilities allow for intricate designs and shapes that can be rapidly developed, prototyped, and tested across a wide variety of medical and non-medical applications.

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Unrivaled In-House Manufacturing Technique

Our 30,000 sq. ft. ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, UT is the only FDA and CE cleared silicon nitride medical device manufacturing facility in the world. We have the ability to manufacture intricate designs and shapes that are rigorously tested for quality control.

Our vertically integrated facility allows for rapid prototyping, scientific testing, and product development.

From Powder to Parts