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At Amedica, we have the scientific and manufacturing expertise to produce medical grade silicon nitride - a patented platform technology for use in a variety of medical applications. Silicon nitride is bioactive and compatible across all imaging modalities, offering surgeons and patients a preferable alternative to commonly used materials. We are the only FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified silicon nitride medical device manufacturing facility in the world.

Our Proprietary Products

In 2008, we received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for the first silicon nitride spinal fusion device. Our Valeo® interbody fusion devices, PreferenceTM pedicle screw system, and product development pipeline offer a wide variety of solutions for spinal procedures.

Valeo® C Interbody Device

Our Vision

We are passionate about leveraging our advanced biomaterial expertise to create innovative healthcare solutions that improve patient quality of life.

From Material to Medicine

We Rethink What's Possible

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What Makes a Biomaterial Ideal

Silicon nitride offers superior biocompatibility, artifact-free imaging, and excellent mechanical properties such as higher wear resistance and long-term durability.

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Patenting Innovative Technology

60 patents issued

  • 49 U.S.
  • 11 International

30 patents pending

  • 19 U.S.
  • 11 International

Partnering with Kyocera: A Secondary Supplier

Partnering with Kyocera: A Secondary Supplier

Partnering with Kyocera, a worldwide leading ceramics producer, allows us to broaden our ability to meet market demand by assisting with the manufacturing of our silicon nitride spinal interbody devices.

Superb People Behind the Product

Our seasoned management team possesses expertise and success in surgery, science, manufacturing and product development.