Redefining Interbody Fusion with Advanced Nanosurface Technology

At Amedica, we are the only manufacturer of medical grade silicon nitride.
Our innovative, patented biomaterial technology is ideal for use in spinal fusion and across a variety of medical applications.

OEM Strategy

By converting our partners’ metal or plastic devices to silicon nitride, we are creating a new standard biomaterial for use across a wide variety of medical and device applications.

Our Unique Commercial Strategy

Silicon Nitride is Leading a Revolution in Interbody Fusion

Recent studies show our silicon nitride composition outperforms PEEK and titanium to achieve superior new bone growth and osseointegration, while also providing artifact-free imaging and demonstrated antibacterial properties.

Silicon Nitride: The Ideal Biomaterial
PEEK Titanium Silicon Nitride
Increased bone formation
Artifact-free imaging
Antibacterial properties
Increased protein adsorption
Mechanical Strength

*Artifact produced by tantalum markers.

The Ideal Biomaterial

Over 25,000 silicon nitride implants have been implanted to-date, and physicians have seen vast improvements in patient and clinical outcomes. Silicon nitride offers superior bioactivity, excellent mechanical properties, and compatibility with all imaging modalities.

The New Face of Interbody Fusion Devices

Surgical Options for Patients and Physicians

Our extensive line of silicon nitride implants and supplemental fixation offers innovative solutions to address even the most complex patient needs.

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